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Twin Lakes Area

If you continue inland past the waterfalls, you will eventually keep climbing up the same mountain where you will find 3 enormous …


Bali Coffee

Bali is pretty famous for its coffee.  It grows beans of various types and exports them all over the world.  When you’re …

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Banjar Hot Springs

Along the north coast, just before Lovina, you will come across signs to an inland town named Banjar.  Although, sounding like something …

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Renting a Motorbike in Bali

For 50000rp you can hire the usual south-east asian, automatic, 125cc super scooter.  These things are pretty awesome.  They can do 80km/h …

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Hotel Rooms

The great thing about Bali, is that even on a tight budget, you can find some very luxurious, artistic hotel rooms.

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Bali Breakfasts

Most hotels in Bali come with a free breakfast.  However, the quality varies tremendously.

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Motorcycle Freight

You will often see people in Bali using a motorcycle to transport all kinds of things that you wouldn’t think it would …

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Chickens, Roosters

If you were born and brought up in the western world, chances are you’ve never seen a wild chicken running around or …

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Backup Electricity

You won’t be in Bali very long before you probably experience some kind of power outage.  This will be particularly evident the …

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Religious Tokens

The Balinese people tend to be a pretty Religious bunch which you will see exhibited in temples, rituals, ceremonies and offerings throughout …