Twin Lakes Area

If you continue inland past the waterfalls, you will eventually keep climbing up the same mountain where you will find 3 enormous lakes nestled in the top of the hill, surrounded by forests. Its a beautiful and remote place.

If you stop on the roadside to take in the view you will also be surrounded by the local monkey population who will relieve you of any food you may have especially fruit. They’ve even organised humans to sell the fruit to the unsuspecting tourists who stop by. Its a great business model: collect fruit, sell fruit to humans, humans feed you the fruit.

Near the lakes you will find a handful of deserted resorts. Only the very hardened tourists make it here. The resorts seemed pretty run down, a little over staffed, but the silence in this area is so wonderful compared to the rest of this noisy island.

There seemed to be many unusual birds around the lake so its a shame I don’t know anything about the subject.

Near the lakes are a few small villages and virtually nothing aimed at tourists. You’re treated like an alien in this region, even English is hard to come by.

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